makes lemonade.

You’ve probably heard about Constance McMillan the Mississippi teen whose high school canceled its prom because she wanted to bring her girlfriend as her date.

From a public relations standpoint, Itawamba Agricultural High School is taking the brunt of negative publicity right now. But Ellen DeGeneres and have made lemonade out of the controversy by giving McMillan a $30,000 college scholarship.

This is a bit of a lesson in cause marketing/PR and when, where and how to take a stand on hot-button issues. Ellen DeGeneres and are the clear winners. Itawamba High School officials probably made gains with folks as well, but overall the press has been decidedly more negative.

True, a public high school doesn’t have the same bottom line considerations as a business and offiicials were thrust into a challenging position. Unfortunately, they handled it wrongly. Punishing all the prom attendees appears more spiteful than principled.


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