running the river in reverse.

I’m charting my drive back across country—the same drive I did in November—in a vain attempt to shave off a day of the road trip.

When I came to Vegas, I drove it in three days:
* Day One: South Bend – Oklahoma (about an hour east of Oklahoma City)
* Day Two: Oklahoma to New Mexico (I think it was Grants, which is west of Santa Fe)
* Day Three: All the way to Vegas

Well, I’d like to trim it to two days, which means I’ll have to drive about 900-1,000 miles in my first day just to make that dog hunt. By my count, that means I’ll have to put the Texas Panhandle in my rearview before I rest my weary head for that first night.

With that in mind, Elk City, OK is officially my rest stop for the night. That’s roughly 1,000 miles in one day. By myself. Averaging 65 mph (considering rest stops), that’s 15 hours of driving and anywhere from 3-4 tanks of gas. If I hit the road at 7 a.m. Friday morning, I wouldn’t stop for the night until 11 p.m. CDT.

Well, it’s good to set goals, right?


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