hertz = poor customer service, manipulative practices.

I rented a car from Hertz about a month ago for a day trip I took to Los Angeles. It was while I was living in Las Vegas and I rented from the Hertz location at McCarran Airport. The car I rented was an economical choice: Chevy Cobalt.

I drove the car for a total of 20 feet. Why only 20 feet? Because just after I backed out of the parking space in the Hertz garage and put it in drive, I was hit head-on by a car that took a corner too wide and too fast. I was at a complete stop when this car hit me because it was the only prudent defensive maneuver I could take. There were pedestrians behind me, so kicking it into reverse was hardly an option.

The driver of the other car met eyes with me as she was driving directly into my car. She was well over the center of the “road” (not sure what you call those paths in parking garages). She never slowed down. She never attempted to stop. She stopped all right, though…when she met the front end of my Cobalt.

Clearly, I was not at fault.

Did I mention I was hit by a Hertz employee?

None of this would be any big deal if it weren’t for the fact that Hertz is now trying to stick me with a $1200 bill for damages.

Did I also mention that the Hertz claims representative had no record of the other car involved, nor the fact that it was a Hertz employee?

Hertz claims the $1200 charge is because I didn’t purchase the additional damage rider when I rented the car.

Did you know you don’t have to if your insurance provider covers rentals?

I am more than unhappy with the service I’ve received from Hertz. They upgraded me to a Lincoln Navigator. Hardly an economical car for a road trip, but the upgrade was for obvious reasons.

Did I mention they tried to stick me with an additional $62 in charges for fuel costs? That’d be sufficient, but I filled the tank at a gas station a block away from the Hertz garage.

My insurance company is involved in this situation, but I am seriously considering further action with the Better Business Bureau as well as legal counsel. Why?

Let’s review:
* Hertz employee causes accident with me in Hertz garage
* The only paperwork filed with Hertz claims representative is my initial statement
* Hertz fails to report the second party in this accident is a Hertz employee
* Hertz adds a bogus charge well after the Lincoln was returned fully intact and with a full tank
* Hertz sends me a bill for damages to a vehicle after they neglected, failed or chose to not present all facts to their claims department

Given all this, would YOU rent from Hertz?

I promise you I will never ever rent from Hertz ever again. I will discourage all my friends, past, present and future business associates, family members and acquaintances to go with Avis or some other car rental service.

Hertz is NOT the way to go.


Hertz? Fail!

Please feel free to repost this if you like. I’m only happy to share my story.


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