four months to last a lifetime.

One of these days I’m going to have to share some of my Las Vegas stories. Though my life and time as a Las Vegas resident was brief—four months—I have a handful of tales to tell. When you work the swing shift in a dice pit in the finest resort on Las Vegas Boulevard, you can’t help but walk away with a few war stories.

Celebrities, whales, gregarious foreigners, hot rolls, cocktail waitresses, working girls, jaded dealers…and I haven’t even touched upon the people I knew before I moved there.

Or how about my lost evening with out-of-towners from Chicago, France, Quebec and Abu Dhabi. Or the 31 days when I lived on the Strip. Or the night I handled $1 million in cheques (chips).

Sometimes it feels like my time on the Strip was a million miles from here, a thousand years ago. But my four months in the desert are enough to last a lifetime. Friendships made. Friendships strained. Lessons learned.

Stick around, I’ve got a story to tell.


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