five great drum songs on a sunday.

Today, I’m celebrating five songs I love because of their kick-ass drums. These are not the best nor the only great drum songs, just five I like today. I’ll spare you the obligatory We Will Rock You and In The Air Tonight. No disrespect to Queen or Phil Collins. Classic songs, but you know them already. Here are five more you should know.

Go Your Own Way, by Fleetwood Mac
From their record-setting Rumours album, Go Your Own Way is a classic because of Mick Fleetwood’s drum. A lot of boom and emotion. Fleetwood’s is the beating heart of the song.

Sunshine Of Your Love, by Cream
While you’re listening to Clapton on guitar, I’m listening to Ginger Baker blow it up on drums. Baker finds the balance and punctuates Clapton’s solo, staying just far enough back in the shadows but still puts his signature on this gem.

Halo Of Flies, by Alice Cooper
One of the beauties of listening to a band learn how to play their instruments is listening to them break the rules. That’s what Neal Smith does, playing the drums like it’s supposed to be out in front. Love it to death!

I Need A Lover, by John Mellencamp
It shocks me that longtime Mellencamp drummer (and GREAT drummer!) Kenny Aronoff did NOT play drums on this song. But Tom Knowles takes command from beginning to end, similar to Ernest “Boom” Carter’s work on Springsteen’s Born To Run.

Baba O’Riley, by The Who
You know this song better as the theme to CSI: New York. Keith Moon was the heart and soul of The Who. Townsend wrote great songs and Daltrey’s voice is unmatched. But it was Moon’s spirit and ferocity that made the band. Baba O’Riley captures his essence perfectly.


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