idle chit-cht.

I haven’t been here in awhile. Seems my long-form writing has suffered at the hand of:
* full-time employment (thank God)
* Twitter
* Words with Friends
* a stunning lack of focus

I can’t seem to stay on track long enough over here to keep my dwindling audience satisfied. I’ll have to try better. I’m still going to work on telling my Vegas tales—as well as offer some info for would-be Vegas travelers—but I may do that on a brand-specific site. We shall see.

I suppose I could continue to ruminate on issues pertaining to the public relations industry (a topic near and dear to my heart), but it’ll have to be in my spare time. I could continue blogging about politics. But the political theater has grown boring to me, given the reality it’s long on theater and woefully lacking in substance these days.

For now, let’s stick with public relations and idle chit-chat over here. File this one under idle chit-chat.


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