hertz continues to blow me off…guess it’s time to lawyer up.

It’s been four days since my insurance company and I first began discussing the $486 bill I received from Hertz to cover loss of usage and administrative fees resulting from a car accident on Hertz property when a Hertz employee ran into me (in my rental vehicle). We know the story up to that point.

Three days ago my insurance company confirmed they would not and could not assist me in fighting Hertz on this bill. It’s also about this time someone from Hertz, on the company’s Twitter account, reads my Tweets describing my frustration in dealing with Hertz’s manipulative business practices.

And yesterday, after a couple days of silence, someone on the Hertz Twitter account tells me:

“location has taken over the communications and looking at your rental records to review further. It is not in my power to remove charges

Followed by:

we hope that this gets resolve soon. I had a long conversation with the area manager who says he has seen the accident so they may contact u

So, has “location” called me? Nope. Has anyone from Hertz called me? Nope. Has anyone said anything more on my situation with Hertz? Nope.

Which leaves me to my own devices. And when left to my own devices, I arrive at the conclusion that they’re stalling, blowing me off or not taking me seriously. It may be time to escalate my situation to someone who will take me seriously. I think it’s time to consider legal counsel on this matter.

I’ve been dealing with this frustration for more than six months. And in those six months, not once has anyone from Hertz—ANYONE—reached out to me to apologize, to try and keep my business, to help me. They have consistently harassed me by trying to bill me for damage to two cars while protecting their negligent employee (the one who ran into me) and pinning all the blame on me.

I think it’s time for a lawyer to deal with this.


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