closing the book on my situation with hertz.

After a contentious few days on the phone, the blogs and the Twitter, it looks like my Hertz episode is about to come to a close with a judgment in my favor. According to Brian Dickerson, VP of customer care with Hertz, all outstanding balances are being waived.

“I am writing a quick note in regard to our telephone conversation last week,” Mr Dickerson said, via email. “I have now been able to discuss with all the necessary parties, and am writing to confirm that all outstanding charges of $486.76 will be cleared and you will no longer be contacted for these.”

How it got to a VP with Hertz? Because I contacted Mark Frissola, CEO of Hertz. Yeah, seems kinda drastic, but desperate times call for desperate measures. I waited by my phone for two days and received no phone calls from anyone at Hertz, so I took matters into my own hands. I opened a ticket with the customer service folks and then emailed the CEO.

Within a half-hour, Mr. Dickerson phoned me and left me his cell phone number to reach him.

I’m not advocating running right to the top with an issue. But in this case, I felt I had no choice. While I do believe Hertz’s corporate office was taking my situation seriously, it sometimes felt like too many chefs in the kitchen. All I ever wanted was for someone to contact me directly so I could deal with this.

Eventually, I’ll fill in more details and maybe even develop this as a case study. We’ve got a few loose ends to tie up, but in the meantime, I just want to thank Mr. Dickerson for handling this.


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