looking indiana. feeling nevada.

I did a silly, silly thing tonight. I bought silverware. I didn’t need silverware. But it is the exact same style as the set I bought when got my apartment in Vegas back in March…and didn’t even live there for a month before I was downsized. Lately, because we’re approaching the one-year mark on when I moved to Vegas, I’ve been feeling a little sad about how it all ended and I’m missing it. I don’t regret leaving Las Vegas and I’m not looking to replay the down, but I still have some hard feelings about everything. But we won’t get into that now.

As happy as I am these days, settling back into life in Indianapolis, I can’t help but look to the west these days. Far be it from me to romanticize what turned out to be a challenging experience despite the help and support of close friends, mind you, it was a struggle. I learned the living paycheck-to-paycheck pace as a part-time, extra-board dealer was not the life for me, despite being at the best casino in Las Vegas.

I loved living in the desert. I loved the weather. I loved being able to see The Strip no matter where I was. But when I moved, I left only with what I originally took with me. So my kitchen stuff, my bed, my TV stand and a few other odds and ends were left behind. Buying the flatware set, I suppose, was my way of reclaiming this brief but meaningful part of my life.

Silly, I know. But at least now, when I use my new forks and spoons, I smile a little bit. And if you’re interested in purchasing this set, check it out at Target.com. 🙂



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2 responses to “looking indiana. feeling nevada.

  1. Perhaps it is the lack of spooning vs. spoons which has made you take a look in that rearview mirror. The Tines they are a changin? Stick a fork in it, babe. We’re glad you’re back, KMac!

    • Outstanding response, Pattie! But I had to deduct points for missing the obvious Mac The Knife reference. You’re in the big leagues now. We expect you to nail all required jumps. 🙂

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