election day.

It’s Election Day. Wheeeeee! The day I get to go to the polls and throw away my vote! Not really. My problem is I’m not all that excited about many of my choices. Here in Indiana, the Senate seat left open by Evan Bayh is going to Republican Dan Coats, which leaves me pretty flat. Never cared for him the last time he was on the ballot and care for him less even now, given his halfwit stances on most issues.

My congressional district is about as safe as it gets for the incumbent, Democrat Andre Carson. But local Republicans can’t be too pissed about that since Republican Dan Burton’s seat is equally safe. Yay, gerrymandering!

Those are really the only local races that count here in Indianapolis. All the down-ticket races matter, of course, but party politics and partisan hackery isn’t quite as high there.

The races I’ll be watching closest are in places I used to live: the congressional election in the Indiana 2nd district between Democrat Joe Donnelly and Republican Jackie Walorski and the Nevada Senate race between Harry Reid and Sharron Angle. I predict Donnelly eeks out a win while Harry Reid loses to Angle.

I predict the Republicans reclaim the House and Democrats hold onto the Senate. And six months from now, Obama’s approval ratings climb over 50 percent as a result. While a Republican House may appear to be a loss to the Democrats, it really isn’t. It means the GOP can no longer simply scream “no!” Now, they’re going to have to actually present ideas.

And I predict the teabaggers get a rude awakening over the next two years and lose traction. Oh wait. There is no third party here. Tea Party = Republican Party with a cute name. I’m not fooled.

Best of all, no more political ads (for at least 12 months). The ad I hate the most? Mike Pence’s slobbering, low-intellect, pandering, cliche, I’m wearing a blue shirt standing in a cornfield crapfest of zero ideas. Sorry, Mike. You can’t pretend to be an “outsider” from politics when you enjoy a 10-year career in Congress. I see right through your bullshit.


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