compromise = rich get richer. no, really!

In case you missed it, the so-called “compromise” in Washington D.C. last week works out like this: if you are a six-figure earner, you will get more money in your wallet. If you’re still unemployed (and a lot of you are) you will still be eligible for unemployment benefits.

Now here’s the funny part:
• Cost of the new round of tax cuts: $800 – $900 billion over the next two years
• Cost of 13-month extension of unemployment benefits: $60 billion

Who’s getting the most benefit from this compromise? Not the middle class, unless you lost your job. And will these tax cuts turn into more jobs? Don’t hold your breath.

If you make less than $108,000 a year, sorry, you pay the freight. If you make more than that, which is about the top 15 percent in the nation, you just got a sweetheart of a deal from your US government, at the expense of the other 85 percent of us. You’re welcome.

The rich just got richer. No, really. They did. The fact that the Democrats had to give away $800 billion to listen to that idiot in search of a village Michelle Bachmann and other Republicans bitch about the extensions of unemployment benefits is insulting. It’s no longer a metaphor. The people who own the yachts are bitching about the price of gas while getting a fat subsidy from Uncle Sugar. But what do they cry about? Having to help people who can’t find a job in the worst recession since the Great Depression.

In addition to the $1.3 trillion Federal deficit—TRILLION! That’s a 1 with 12 zeros after it—we just added another $960 billion to it with this “compromise.” The funniest part of all is all the GOP bitches about is tax-and-spend liberals and creating a welfare state with unemployment benefits, which amounts to 6.25 percent of this “compromise.” The Republican Party could wallpaper their offices with $100 bills they made off selling the ‘tax-and-spend liberal’ lie, to say nothing of how George W. Bush and his Republican Congress grew the debt.

How do Republicans get away with it? By screaming from the top of their lungs the problem is earmarks and frivolous spending. They scream discretionary spending needs to be slashed. But they don’t tell you the whole story, do they?

Where do we spend the most of our discretionary money? Department of Defense. By a long shot. DoD receives more than $663.7 billion in discretionary spending. Who’s in second place? Department of Health and Human Services…you know, that evil group led by Kathleen Sebelius forcing government-run health care on Americans (another lie) that has all the neocons and teabaggers fuming. HHS gets $78.7 billion. If we want to have a real conversation about cutting spending we have to stop allowing the GOP to treat fat weapons systems contracts as sacrosanct.

News flash, ladies and gentleman: the elephant in the room IS the elephant in the room! The Republican Party has tilted the playing field so steeply in their favor that everyone forgot the rules.

How did this happen? The American people voted against their self interest in November, that’s how. Think about that. Six-figure earners just got a tax break as we’re still languishing in the worst recession since the Great Depression and all Republicans can bitch about is a 13-month extension of unemployment benefits for people who are still out of work.

All right, 15 percenters, you win. But now it’s up to you. You got your sweetheart deal from Congress. Where are the jobs?


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