taking flight again.

I’m quiet lately, I know. In addition to Christmas shopping, I’ve been re-ordering my life of late. Suffice it to say 2k10 will go down as one of the most…interesting years I’ve ever had. Where I started it—standing on a dice game at Wynn Las Vegas—is most certainly not where I’m ending it. I’m back in Indy, working as a communications writer for a large health insurance conglomerate.

I started 2k10 crashing on the couch of very supportive friends in Las Vegas. I’ll end it in my own apartment, after a 12-month funhouse ride through evictions, unemployment, uncertainty, relationships found, relationships lost, careers rebuilt, sad endings and new beginnings.

After spending the better part of two years running down a dream, it got away from me. I treated the untimely ending of it all the way one would treat a failed business venture. I took a shot and it didn’t work out. Everything from that point is sort of like rebuilding your life after a fire destroys everything. You start over.

This year has mostly been about getting back to even ground. Now that I’m there, I’m looking at 2k11 as the year I take flight again.

Come fly with me.


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