melina kennedy for indianapolis.

For all those who read my blog, get used to this name: Melina Kennedy. She is running for mayor of Indianapolis and I am giving her my full-throated support. One of the reasons I’m supporting her is because she served as deputy mayor under Bart Peterson who, by my estimation, ran one of the strongest administrations in developing Indianapolis as a world-class city.

While Bart deserves all the credit he gets for it, Melina’s fingerprints are all over it. She was involved in the economic development of the city (jobs). She also was behind workforce development, community development and bringing businesses to Indianapolis International Airport.

I do not know Melina Kennedy personally, but I was always impressed with her and Steve Carter (another deputy mayor) and believe she is the most ideal person to continue Bart’s legacy of growth and development.

If you’re reading my blog, following my Tweets or a friend of mine on Facebook, be prepared. I’ll be talking about Melina quite a bit between now and Election Day this November. If you’re a Marion County resident, I encourage you to get to know Melina. Check out her website:


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