jags in the jungle re-cap: if it’s good enough for the commish…

At one point tonight, the IUPUI Jaguars were ahead 20-4, running away with the game over Southern Utah University. At halftime, the Jags led comfortably 40-28. I was already cuing up Chelsea Dagger, the adopted (by me) post-game victory song. IUPUI lost 80-68. That’s a 24-point swing to a team that isn’t anywhere near the top of the conference. I still don’t know what happened other than IUPUI forgot how to put points on the board. It is the worst time of the season to play so inconsistently. After big wins over IPFW and Oakland, IUPUI is 1-2. They went from having a solid grip on second place to potentially falling to fourth place. Go figure.

My performance on PA was challenged by either my ear or my sound system. I might be guilty of being too much of a tinkerer because in this clip (you can hear me in the background) I don’t sound pitchy, dawg.

The challenge in the Jungle with sound is getting it so you’re projecting without pinning the needles or forced to shout. From my seat on press row I’m adept at knowing how to speak into a microphone for maximum clarity. But you’d never know that during the timeout announcements. We have to do them to meet the agreements with game sponsors, but you don’t want to lose the crowd energy so I end up whipping through them too fast. A few words always hang me up: ‘institute’ and ‘methodist sports medicine’. The former always comes out nasally and muddled, the latter is tantamount to a tongue twister with back-to-back letter-s contractions.

We need to get better at writing PSAs and in-game announcements for the ear, not the eye. Lyricists know how to string words together to form a rhythm (unless you’re Ed Kowalczyk of Live). But it couldn’t have been all bad, right? The JagBand sounded great and the Red Zone was in full throat tonight. I gave a decent performance. Couldn’t have been all bad. Summit League commissioner Tom Douple walked past me after the game, patted me on the back and said, “nice job.” I’ll take that any day of the week. If it’s good enough for the Commish, it’s good enough for me…sort of. 🙂

Men’s final home game is Saturday. Can’t believe my return season is nearly over already. It’s been a lot of fun, I must admit. I hope they let me come back next year.


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