ready or not, here i come.

My summer Las Vegas trip is booked.

What: lasvegas2k11: the return.
When: Sunday, 26 June – Sunday, 3 July 2011
Where: Harrah’s Las Vegas on The Strip

This will be my first trip back to the desert since moving from there last March. I’m excited to see it again. A little anxious, sure, but mostly excited. I’m back in tourist mode, but will spend a day or two in the city, revisiting all my favorite, boring little haunts. I miss going to Von’s, Starbucks on Charleston, Las Vegas Athletic Club (when I could park within a one-mile radius of the joint), killing time playing nickel video poker at the Red Rock…I even miss the street names out there: Hualapai, Flamingo, Ft. Apache, Sahara, Desert Inn, Durango.

I really liked living in the Summerlin area. It was quiet, almost boring, really. Of all the things I miss about living in Vegas, I think I miss hanging out at that Starbucks the most. Given the schedule I was keeping as a part-time swing shift dealer, I had a lot of down time and limited means. So I spent most of my free time sipping a coffee in that Starbucks.

Of all the things I plan on doing in Vegas this summer, I’m really wanting to go and sit in that Starbucks again for old times’ sake. It’s the simple things in life I enjoy the most.


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