me & my ipad.

It’s about tme I take this brand new iPad for a dance and see how she flies for some of my day-to-day operations. So I thought I’d update my blog. I’ve had this new device for a few weeks now and love it. Will it replace my laptop? For many functions, yes. But I can’t lie, the touchscreen keyboard is tough on a guy with hot dog fingers.

It’s great for mobility, though. I can travel light to Starbucks now. I love that. But if I were going to. Starbucks as I did a year ago—to spend a few hours looking for jobs—I’d stick with a laptop. When I’m in a plane, though, this iPad will be awesome.

I just ran into a flaw with my iPad: I wanted to upload a photo to this blog and can’t get to the photos on my iPad. Hmmm…


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