two steps back.

Get on your bike & ride!

I’m starting my fifth week back at to working out and feel like I took two steps backward today. Last week was a wasted week. I didn’t gain or lose any weight. I only worked out twice and had a couple days of somewhat unhealthy eating habits. Add all that up and you end up with a tough day on a treadmill for a fat man.

The upside, however, is I’m still working out at a higher level than I have in the past year. Working with a trainer has paid off. But I’m at that point where I need to kick it into a higher gear to compel better results. I’m doing MWF with a trainer for about an hour. The class is designed for weight loss, so it’s all cardio with resistance training mixed into it (along with some killer ab workouts). On my off days I normally stick to about an hour of cardio (looking for the 600-calorie burn every day), but the trainer told me to start adding resistance training. Why? Because I suck at pushups. He didn’t say that. I’m saying that.

So tomorrow will be like most other days at the gym. I’ll do my standard hour of cardio then follow it with a quick circuit of resistance training. I’ve got three weeks to Vegas and would like to drop a couple more pounds before I get on that plane.


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