return to wynn…damn if i don’t miss that atmosphere.

So, Las Vegas was good to me. I spent seven days in the desert as a tourist and loved nearly every minute of it. Heading into my vacation, I wondered if I might get mopey or maudlin about being back in Vegas. I mean, I loved living out there and sort of hope to get back there someday. But the truth is, I was having too much fun being a tourist to notice.

The only time I got even a little reflective was during my “rogue” nights, when I’d skulk into the Wynn properties. I took a long, slow walk around both properties on my first trip back into Wynn and Encore; just taking it all in again. I don’t regret leaving, but it doesn’t mean I don’t miss working there. I was proud of working for the finest resorts on the Las Vegas Strip. I loved going to work every night.

I didn’t spend too much time being mopey, though. I settled into gambling mode quickly. The funniest moment at the Wynn happened nearly immediately. I walked down the center aisle and took a right at the Main Game to survey the baccarat tables. It was fun to take it all in again. I aimed toward the video poker slant-tops just behind the baccarat pits when I glanced back toward the dice pit to catch two young women looking in my direction. I thought nothing of it and moved toward a poker machine. About the time I was ready to sit down, I look up and the two young ladies I spied were essentially surrounding me. Yeah, they were those kinda ladies. I politely declined and headed toward the Encore. Ah, Vegas.

In playing at both Wynn and Encore, I was quickly reminded of the differences between the two properties. Wynn’s gaming floor is huge. Encore’s is about half the size. Where the Wynn casino is lively and bustling, the Encore is sedate and relaxed. I love both properties, but as a player, I think I prefer the Wynn. But I’ll stay at either if they comp me. 🙂

Anyway, I went back to the Wynn and had a good time. I don’t want to go back to being a dealer, damn if I don’t miss that atmosphere.


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