a quick update.

I’m still here. Still living. Still doing my thing. Whatever that “thing” may be. A few things are kicking around in my head right now…

The Set-up Man.
That’s the title to my semi-autobiographical movie script I’m going to write. I’d like to say I’m writing it, but it currently only exists in my head. Until I put actual words to an actual page, it is not even in the process of being written. It’s just a disorganized idea.

Going well. Could be better. Could be worse. I like what I do. I like the people with whom I do it.

Las Vegas.
I still miss it. I find I miss it more and more. But I’m not sure why anymore. Am I feeling wistful because of a sense of unfinished business or do I genuinely want to live out there again? Yes to both, I think. But I’m holstering this one until I can decide if it’s what I really and truly want. I need to stop focusing on the next step for once and stick to what’s happening right in front of me.

Getting Back in the Saddle.
And by “saddle,” I mean dating. I haven’t done any dating since K & I broke up. I need to remedy that one of these days. I’m not feeling scorned, sad, burned, remorseful, regretful…none of that. Quite the contrary. I’ve been too focused on work and too lazy to bother trying to be social again.

I’ve been slacking since Vegas. Time to climb back into that saddle too.

The Car.
Yeah, I need a new one. We’re getting ever-so-close to pulling the trigger on this. The Blazer has been good to me, but we’re nearing the end, I’m afraid.

I need it. Good night. But if you’re reading this, feel free to say hello. I miss the days when my only social media interaction was via the blog.


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