sick and tired.

Where the rubber meets the road...and the road wins again.

It’s no secret I’ve been thinking about buying a new car for a couple months. Ever since the most recent spate of automobile issues I’ve experienced—upwards of $1500 in engine repairs, brake pads, rotors and tires—I’ve become keenly aware that my beloved Chevy Blazer is nearing the end of its run. I know the tie rods, struts, suspension and hoses are all in some state of disrepair, but have opted to no longer treat this terminal patient. I’m not ready to call in Kevorkian on it, but after 175,000+ miles, it’s time to let her go.

So imagine my surprise last night when the newest purchase for my car was the thing to give me the most trouble. My rear right tire blew out (or something) last night. I just bought them in July, so this caught me off guard. I’m not sure what, when or how it happened, but my tire blew while I was driving 55 mph on wet pavement. What’s even more perplexing is I never heard or felt it. At least not until I started slowing down and noticed how loud the tires sounded.

I pulled it off the highway and drove at least another mile before finding a safe place to pull over. Imagine my surprise to find the tire still intact and attached to my wheel; albeit flat and with an ominous tear across the width of the sidewall.

Thanks to roadside service (I’m far too delicate to change my own tire), my spare has now replaced the offending tire, but the question still remains: what the hell happened? My warranty covers such occurrences, but the money is less of an issue than a tire that seemingly just tore itself open. There were no other apparent punctures or abrasions.

The happy ending here, of course, is the tire rupture didn’t cause me to get into an accident. Given I was on a highway, I am both thankful and a bit freaked out about it.


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