pump it up. elvis costello invades indianapolis.

Elvis Costello is in the building.

At some point I’ll pen a proper review of the Elvis Costello show I saw this week. For now, I’ll just say it was another home run live show this year for me. I hadn’t seen Elvis in nearly six years. And this was my first Imposters concert. Wow. Simply, wow.

I mean, here’s a guy closer to 60 than 50 and his voice only seems to get stronger. Having never heard the Imposters live, I was impressed and transfixed on them as much as Elvis. Drummer Pete Thomas was awesome and effortless. I honestly spent a lot of time watching bassist Davey Faragher do his thing because he was so effortless about it all. But someone’s going to have to explain to me why Steve Nieve was wearing a priest’s collar.

My favorite moments of the show (in no particular order) were:

What a clod.

Watch Your Step. Always liked this song. Love it even more hearing it live.
Pump It Up. Probably my most favorite Elvis song.
Alison/I Hope. The latter was absolutely chilling.
A Slow Drag for Josephine. One of those things you truly appreciate about an Elvis show.
The Spectacular Spinning Songbook. What a great, fun device!
Row C. That’s where I was. Close enough to see sweat pouring off Elvis.
The Go-Go Dancers. What’s not to like?

What a great, great show. If you want a setlist, go here. I’ve uploaded a few video clips to my YouTube page, if you care to have a look and listen.


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