what a difference a day makes.

The view from Press Row as the team gears up to start the match.

I worked two volleyball matches in two nights (Friday and Saturday). Friday night, the sound system was flat and so was my performance. Everything sounded dead, muddy and lifeless. Admittedly, I came into it not with my best voice—gotta drink more H2O on game day—but the technical difficulties were never ending. Fast forward 24 hours and it’s like a brand new system (and PA announcer) in the Jungle.

Even the volleyball team played better. After dropping a four-set match to North Dakota State, they rallied to beat South Dakota State in three. More importantly, tonight was the annual Dig Pink match. The team wears pink jersey and holds fundraisers for breast cancer research. We also had an honorary captain: former player Jen (Mertz) Will, who is battling breast cancer herself. I wish I’d gotten a photo of her. She looked great with her pink hair.

I wish I knew the magic potion that made it all click tonight. Part of it is familiarity. I hadn’t announced a match in a few weeks and there’s always a little rust to be knocked off after a break. I felt better tonight. And I remembered to have a bottle of water by my side.

My comfort level was better tonight because I was able to figure out a good system for reading names and announcements. I prefer a headset mic because I can shuffle papers with both hands and look in every direction and still speak into a mic. But we don’t have a headset anymore. To make do, I’ve developed a perfect placement of rosters and notes that are easy to read while speaking into the mic. I know it sounds silly to you, but it truly made a world of difference.

Still not sure if I prefer the iPad to the laptop to run the music. The iPad is probably the winning choice because it’s less bulky. We’ll see if this system prevails during basketball season, what with cheerleaders and halftime performers bringing their own music. We may have to improvise that a little bit, but we’ll see. As for my bumper music selections…well, I like what I play. So far, the #1 choice of Press Row is Seven Nation Army. You can’t go wrong with the White Stripes. And I also had a spectator inquire about my “victory” song. Do you know what it is? I’m not telling. You have to come to a match to hear it.


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