a thankless job.

"Gooooood evening Jaguar volleyball fans!"

Had a decent night on the mic last night for IUPUI Jaguars volleyball last night. Nothing to write home about, honestly, but something interesting occurred at the end of the match. Between sets 2 and 3, we announced the names of several IUPUI faculty members as part of Professor Appreciation Night (an annual tradition). We pounded through the names, people applauded, then we went back to the match. All went according to plan.

IUPUI Sports Information Director John Berry called an audible and gave me another announcement to read before the beginning of the third set. Senior libero Shari Berhnardt joined the 2,000 Digs Club at IUPUI. Membership: 2. A nice little moment for the team and fans alike.

Then the Jaguars stormed the court, won the last two sets to take the match 3-1 over Valparaiso, winning three sets in a row after dropping the first one. I still love it when we beat Valpo!

As I was wrapping up the match with my standard closing announcement and “victory” song (Chelsea Dagger, by the Fratellis), I was approached by one of the professors in attendance. He wanted to thank me for pronouncing his name correctly. “Most people get it wrong, you got it right,” he said.

Being a PA announcer is usually a thankless job, which is fine with me. I come in, do my thing, go home. If nobody says anything to me in the post game, it’s because I got it right. Usually, the only people who have something to say to the announcer after the game are people who want to remind you that you screwed up. So it was nice to get a thank-you for a change.

And it’s still sweet to beat Valpo!


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  1. Shawn MacDonald

    You’re welcome, Dr. Pennis.

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