…and everything after.

It’s been a busy few weeks around here. Between the holidays, work and the ongoing basketball season, I’ve kept myself busy.

Basketball season’s been a bit up and down for me. We had a couple good games at ConsecoBankers Life Fieldhouse and my voice was in tip-top shape for those games. But our home games at The Jungle have been frustrating. The teams have been hot and cold; so are our fans. I’ll never understand why it feels like we’re always rebuilding from Square One with our student section from one year to the next. If I can count the number of students in our student section on one hand, you have failed, students. Failed.

Next year, we’ve got to do better.

I’ll be taking a weekend away from Indy in a couple weeks. Destination: where do you think?

In a bit of an experiment, I’ll be heading to Las Vegas on Friday night, after work, and coming home Sunday afternoon. All told, I’ll spend 33 hours in the desert. I know what you’re thinking: “that’s not much of a vacation.” It’s not, you’re right. But I’m flying solo and have intentions of doing more than merely gamble (although I will be doing a bit of that).

I’m going to rent a car for the afternoon and drive around my old neighborhood. Even though I only lived there for five short months, I really miss it and I find I’m forgetting some of the mundane nonsense I enjoyed—my Starbucks in Summerlin, the Albertson’s where I shopped, the unique street names (Hualapai, Flamingo, Fort Apache). I want to go back for an afternoon and be local again. I miss that aspect of Las Vegas.

Don’t get me wrong. The Strip is still a great place for a party and I’ll always enjoy that. But I miss just being there.

So that’s my plan for Saturday afternoon. Friday and Saturday night, however, I’ll be scaring up a little trouble on the Strip…and maybe a hot roll or two at the dice table? Here’s to hoping.


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