one win. one loss. one lost media timeout & one lost voice.

The mic does all the work. I simply tell it what to say.

Last night was a big night in The Jungle. Our first (of two) doubleheaders. Our last time ever hosting Oral Roberts at home. And a whole mess of in-game activities to manage (Hall of Fame recognition, Homecoming Court at halftime. We had a GREAT crowd in the house, too. It was a full day for a PA announcer. And oh yeah, a couple of important basketball games.

One Win. One Loss.
The women’s team did their job. They pounded Oral Roberts in the opening game, 72-48,. It was one of the best games they’ve played all season. The men’s team…ugh. They have hit some sort of rut that I can’t quite figure out. They lost to ORU 81-71.

Sadly, both programs are staring up at most of the conference in the standings. The women’s team are in ninth place (out of 10) and the men’s team is in eighth place (out of 10). That’s significant because the conference tournament seeds only the top eight teams. Yikes.

Basketball notwithstanding, I learned last night that doubleheaders are HELL on my voice. I was in good form throughout the women’s game. But about five minutes into the men’s game, I noticed I was losing some “heft” in my voice. Maybe it’s age, but I need to pace myself a little better when it comes to doing a doubleheader.

Taking Care of the Pipe.
I’ve also learned other valuable game-day announcing lessons:
* No soda/carbonated beverages
* Warm up (which usually means practicing my announcer voice for about an hour
* Drink lots of water before and during the game

And now I can add Pace Yourself to the list.

Nevertheless, it was great fun to work a game with a full house last night. We need more of that to finish out the season and beyond. We need the students to get up like this for every game.

…and now for something completely different.
Experienced something during the men’s game that’s never happened in a game I’ve worked: we lost a media timeout.

In case you didn’t know, for college basketball games, media timeouts are taken at the first dead ball under 16:00, 12:00, 8:00 and 4:00 on the clock in both halves. During the first half of the men’s game we never had a dead ball under the four-minute mark. Normally, it wouldn’t be an issue. But we had a Hall of Fame presentation planned for the under-4 TO. We simply pushed it to the second half. No big deal, but kinda funny.


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One response to “one win. one loss. one lost media timeout & one lost voice.

  1. Sean Breslin

    I’ve been to over 70 FSU Basketball games in 7 years, and I’ve never seen a lost media timeout! That’s crazy, but great article.

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