winning ugly.

No such thing as a bad win, right? At least I agree with that statement. Even if it’s an ugly, bloody, messy game, whenever you can chalk one in the ‘W’ column, you’ve done your job for that particular game. Winning ugly is still a win.

That’s how I view tonight’s IUPUI Jaguars women’s basketball victory over Southern Utah. It wasn’t pretty. It was downright sloppy, at times. And I wasn’t sure if our team could pull it out. But somewhere around the middle of the second half, the Jags defense came alive and began to play with intensity. In the end, they knocked off the Thunderbirds 56-49.

I give lots of credit to Southern Utah. They didn’t play like a team that was 0-6 in the conference coming into the game. Right up to the end, they never quit. IUPUI is not 3-4 in the conference, but in eighth place in the conference.

It’s weird to see IUPUI currently clinging to the #8 seed in both men’s and women’s basketball. It wasn’t so long ago these teams squared off against the evil, awful Oral Roberts University for the conference championship. Now, they’re fighting for dear life just to make the tournament!

I love what both coaches—Todd Howard (MBB) and Austin Parkinson (WBB)—are trying to put together. Coach Parkinson’s already brought this team quite a distance from where they were two seasons ago. Coach Howard is in his first season in the Big Chair, so perhaps we’re seeing him adjust to the new role. It’s tough to win in the conference. There’s no such thing as a night off. But at 2-6, the men’s team is staring down the barrel of a very difficult road.

I guess we’ll see where we are in a week or two. I’d love to see them both move toward the middle of the pack. With the exception of the top two teams in both leagues, it’s a wide-open tournament. I think we’ll see some upsets along the way. Let’s hope IUPUI is making some noise in Sioux Falls this year.


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