better to deal with pats fans than baltimorons.

If you were to take too seriously all the activity on Twitter and Facebook since Sunday night. you’d think the entire city of Indianapolis was locking down in fear/anger/frustration of the pending invasion of New England Patriots fans.

Yeah, it’s going to suck a little bit (okay, a lot) having to deal with smug Pats fans who drink the media-brewed Kool-Aid on all their greatness (for a team that hasn’t won a Super Bowl since 2005, FYI). I’m not taking anything away from their achievements. Rather, pointing out it’s been awhile since they’ve been the best.

Truth is, I’d rather have to endure a week of Patriots fans than a week of the awful, insufferable, hypocritical, chip-on-their-shoulder, bitter, ignorant Baltimore fans. Ravens fans seem to derive more pleasure in their hatred of the Indianapolis Colts than they do in their own team’s success (a Super Bowl championship 11 years ago).

It’s easy to put the Pats fans in their place. Show them a calendar. It’s been eight years since New England won a Super Bowl. In recent years, the Colts have owned the Patriots. Prior to this season without Manning, the Colts won five of the last seven against the Pats. And who could forget the 2007 AFC Championship game, when the Pats got beat at the RCA Dome?

Dealing with Baltimorons is completely different because logic, reason and facts mean nothing to them. They still hate Indianapolis because Bob Irsay did them dirty. That’d be fine, except they turned around and did the Cleveland even worse. “We didn’t take the team name.” Big whoop. Leaving the team name/records wasn’t done in the 80s when teams relocated. Before they were the Arizona Cardinals, they were the St. Louis Cardinals. And before they were the St. Louis Cardinals, they were the Chicago Cardinals. The Rams didn’t become someone else when they moved from LA to St. Louis. The Raiders were always the Raiders, no matter if it was in Oakland or LA. The Oilers didn’t become the Titans until they got a permanent home in Tennessee. And Houston didn’t reclaim the Oilers name after that happened. But what am I saying? Baltimore fans just like to hold a grudge. Remember their arrogance back in 2007? Even after getting beat, they still can’t let it go. Even after stealing another team, they can’t let it go.

So I’m find with the Patriots winning the AFC. But I’ll be giddy if Eli beats the Patriots again. Go Giants!


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