suburban jungle.

I’ve been threatening for the better part of a decade to always have a “go” bag at the ready in my car, in case I feel like splitting town for the weekend without warning. For me, it’s about the drive more than the destination. Point the car in one direction and don’t stop until you feel like it.

Well, I decided on a Plan B tonight: drive around neighborhoods looking at houses I’m considering buying (just one, not all of them).

Plan B was interesting enough, I suppose. It’s nothing I’ve done in the past, so I took to it like a mini adventure. I didn’t set out with a real plan in mind. I was mostly going to see what the neighborhoods were like and if anything good or bad stuck out to me.

The only real takeaway is all the houses I checked out tonight are in neighborhoods NOTHING like where I grew up. Back in Bay City, Michigan, I was raised in a house on a city street across the street from a middle school. It was a nice neighborhood with sidewalks. This was no subdivision. I didn’t grow up on a cul de sac. But all the houses I looked at tonight were either on cul de sacs or just around the corner from one.

These neighborhoods I checked out tonight all have that planned community feel to them; sort of like what we saw in Poltergeist. I’m not knocking them at all. I found it all to be comfortable and relatively quiet. And at least one or two of the houses had potential.

Truth is, I probably need to take someone with me, next time I embark on house hunting. I’m an absolute rookie when it comes to navigating through the suburban jungle. I need some company to hear additional feedback. That means I need to get out there and find a friend.

Eesh. That might be tougher than finding a house.


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