a word or three about facebook, employers & trust.

A lot going on in the news concerning Facebook, employers and privacy. Being as how I keep a public blog or two (or six), you’d think I’m not concerned about my own privacy. I am, of course, but I also know where to draw the line on what I say and don’t say in a public venue. I’m happy to share my own thoughts and opinions on everything from the trivial to the controversial. But I’m not going to take to a blog or Twitter—or even my private Facebook account, for that matter—and run my mouth.

I understand past, current and potential employers have access to my online presence. I invite them to read these pages. That, alone, should tell you I know how to conduct myself. I’ll always have strong opinions. I’ll always share them with the world. But I’m smart enough to know how to state my opinions without sounding like a mouthy teenager or a dimwitted blogger who thinks snark is the only way to write.

With all that being said, I’ll never in a million years give my Facebook password to a potential employer. And neither should you.

Employers certainly have a right to check out your public pages. But they don’t have a right to shake you down. Trust is earned, not taken by force.


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