feigned outrage. it’s what’s for dinner.

Jeff Bezos and Dan Cathy have their respective views on gay marriage and aren’t shy to say it. Regardless of what I believe, I think the calls for boycotts against either business are impulsive and silly. I appreciate some people on either side of this debate will have very personal reasons for not patronizing Bezos’ or Cathy’s businesses, but let’s keep the calls for all-out boycotts to a minimum. Save that for true social injustices.

So what that Dan Cathy is against gay marriage? It’s his opinion. If he carries that over into discriminatory hiring/business practices—and there’s no evidence of that—THEN boycott. Until then, just treat him like your crazy uncle on the 4th of July: you think he’s nuts, but you’ll still go there for the barbeque.

Same goes for the feigned outrage at Bezos and Amazon. He’s pro-gay marriage and puts his money where his mouth is. So be it. If you don’t agree with him, treat him like your favorite, liberal nephew: you two don’t agree, but you still enjoy spending time with him.

My point: stop getting so damned emotional and hyper-reactionary to every person of status who has the audacity to speak his or her mind. Personally, I do not agree with Dan Cathy at all. I think he and people who believe what he believes about gay marriage are a dying breed. The world is more accepting of marriage equality than ever before. That will only increase as the younger generations grow.

The under-30 crowd cares a whole lot less about who marries whom than the over-50 crowd. That’s why I don’t get too spooled up over Dan Cathy. Pretty soon, he will be a relic of the past. In the meantime, everybody just have a chicken sandwich, buy a book from Amazon and chill out. It’s Friday, after all. 🙂


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