mitt romney: not dead yet.

Today’s electoral map may or may not reflect Mitt Romney’s 47 percent remarks, but it does indicate one thing for Barack Obama: you have not yet one this election. Not to suggest the Obama camp thinks they’ve got it sewn up, but today’s polling shows races tightening in Colorado and New Hampshire, which could produce challenges for the incumbent.

While today’s map shows a comfortable lead for Obama in electoral votes, but the cracks in the armor are beginning to show.

Colorado and New Hampshire are still very much in play. Romney is going to be fighting from behind all the way, but his path to the White House gets clearer if he can steal away some of these smaller swing states.

By my count, Obama can get to about 250 electoral votes pretty easily. It’s those last 20 votes he needs to win the election that get challenging. REALLY challenging. Ohio alone won’t get him there. Obama will need Colorado and Nevada to reach 270. To borrow a football reference, Obama’s red zone offense is going to have to toughen up to push him into the end zone.

If Romney grabs Colorado and New Hampshire, he still needs Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and at least one more state to win. While he may be behind in polling in those states right now, he’s still well within the margins.

Indeed, the 47 percent remarks will not help Romney. But it remains to be seen if they’ll kill him. My hunch is the debates have a better chance to make or break Romney.

We are far from over and Mitt Romney is not dead yet.


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