a “neat monster” no more. dexter’s camouflage is falling away.

“I’m a neat monster.”

At least that’s what serial killer Dexter Morgan led us to believe for the first few seasons of Dexter. These days? Not so much. I’ve been saying for at least two seasons that Dexter’s getting sloppy. And his sloppiness is going to catch up to him. It caught up to him in a big, damn way in the Season 6 finale, putting an oversized OMG cap on an otherwise dull season (apologies to Colin Hanks and Edward James Olmos).

So where do we pick up in Season 7? Right where we left off with the Morgan siblings shitting their pants when Deb walks in on Dexter plunging a knife into Travis’ chest, Ice Truck Killer style (in her mind, at least).

The rest of Episode 1, Are You…? feels like a season finale. It’s frantic, it’s fraught with drama, and you have no idea how Dexter puts this genie back in the bottle.

I’ve said for years that Dexter has to get caught. He continues to try and assimilate to normal, human behavior in an attempt to co-exist with his dark passenger (and to wear camouflage). Too bad human nature and emotions are such a distraction from Dexter’s true self. Those distractions have added up into a serial killer leaving too many loose ends, just begging to get caught.

Look at his murder of the cop killer at the airport. There are way too many loose ends that all easily trace back to Dexter Morgan, despite his faux passport. How many security cameras caught him en route to the airport (gas station) and at the airport, pushing around his unconscious victim? I’m digressing, but my point his his kill rooms no longer look like the inside of a trash bag. And his routine is equally compromised.

The climactic ending of tonight’s episode was a watershed moment in the making for years. Deb’s one of the brightest detectives in Miami, piecing together how many puzzles over the years? The final scene tonight should come as no surprise.

So this season will be about the struggle for Dexter’s soul between his dark passenger and his sister. We know it’s going to get ugly. We know it’s going to be bloody. My question is this: who’s blood will be spilled?

Should be a fun season.


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