a sopranos motion picture? don’t stop believin’.

sopranosI’ve had this in my head for years, but never put it to paper. I just need to get it off my chest. I, like many others, was a huge fan of The Sopranos. And I, like many others, was hugely disappointed and angry with the half-assed series finale David Chase force fed viewers. Leading up to the finale, there was a bit of chatter about a Sopranos feature film. It never came to fruition, sadly. And even though the show ended badly, it doesn’t mitigate just how compelling and groundbreaking the first few seasons were. I still believe there’s enough in the tank for a Sopranos film, but here’s what I think it should be: a prequel.

I’d love to see a movie focusing on the rise of Johnny Boy and Junior Soprano in the DiMeo crime family. We’d get to see a young Tony Soprano getting his start in the family business, meeting Carmella, forming his bonds with Silvio, Pauly Walnuts and the rest of his crew. Sure, it would probably feel like a Scorsese picture, but it would be great fun to see a young Junior Soprano and why he was after Pussy Malanga. A Sopranos prequel would be a great and wonderful companion piece to the HBO series.

After a good, 90-120 minutes of the early Sopranos, we’d roll credits, fade to black.

And then fade back in.

Tony Soprano sitting at a booth in a restaurant, waiting for his family to join him. He picks out a song on the table jukebox: Don’t Stop Believin’. And then let the scene play out to its bitter conclusion…whatever that may be.

Tell me people wouldn’t be going nuts over that?

Oh well. I guess I do not stop believing. 🙂


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