bad shooting, bad sound & a radio guy with a cold…just another tuesday night in the jungle.

Yes, we were down by six at the half; to an NAIA school.

Yes, we were down by six at the half; to an NAIA school.

It’s been a relatively quiet week or so around the Jungle. But I suppose that’s to be expected when it’s Finals Week. The men’s game last night was, in many ways, a snoozer. Too bad all that sleepwalking nearly led to an epic loss for the home team to an NAIA school that was 4-10 coming into the game. Fortunately, the Jags woke in the second half long enough to dodge a bullet and win 65-59, ending a four-game losing streak.

The good part is Ian Chiles was back in the lineup. The bad part is Mitch Patton is not. IUPUI’s been a band of walking wounded since Game 1.

Once again, the Jungle felt more like a mausoleum tonight. I’m not sure if it’s because of Finals Week or what, but we seem to have lost the touch with our students. We have a few loyal fans who come every game, but they’re the politest fans in the league. What I wouldn’t give to see the Red Zone packed to the rafters with students, jumping, screaming, waving signs and wearing crazy outfits. Where are you guys?!?!

My performance on the mic tonight was not one for the ages. No, nothing bad happened. But when the atmosphere is snoozy, there’s only so much I can do from Press Row to excite the crowd. I think it was just one of those sorts of nights all around. While the team struggled on the court, Press Row was going through the motions.

The man to my left, Jaguars play-by-play man Scott McCauley, was hampered with a cold that limited his normally boisterous voice to a low, death rattle. I can usually hear McCauley’s call pretty clearly all night long, but not this night. I, myself, got over a cold a couple weeks ago, but I’m still fighting with a clogged ear. So I spend my time trying to pop my right ear so I can get a sense of decibels in the Jungle. Add to that our sound system—if ever operating at full capacity would lead me to believe the Mayans were right—and you’ve got a lot of variables that could spell disaster. Or, for us, just another Tuesday night in the Jungle.

The good news is the JagBand sounded good tonight, even though their director ran outta there after the National Anthem like he was being chased. Either way, the band sounded good tonight. I’m going to give credit to the ‘bones. Just because.

The good news—and all that matters—is we got a win tonight.

There’s no such thing as a bad win, right?


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