“operator error.” my night in the jungle.

Self-induced errors? Yeah, that's about how it feels.

Self-induced errors? Yeah, that’s about how it feels.

It’s funny how things change over time in The Summit League. In years past, my IUPUI Jaguars were an annual favorite to make it to the conference championship game while conference foe Western Illinois was often fodder for the stronger teams.

How things have changed. The Leathernecks came into our game last night in The Jungle tied for first while my Jags are staring up at the rest of the conference. It’s not fun.

That being said, though, the team played one of their better games in recent weeks. They shot better and were able to establish some low post scoring and a decent perimeter game. But Western Illinois had too many inside weapons, winning 68-59. It stinks losing; especially when you look at the stats.

* Four Jags scored in double figures, only two for Western did that.
* The Jags shot 48 percent for the game. Western? 46 percent.
* The Jags were 20-12 in assists-turnovers. Western? 13-11.

So how did the Jags lose? Rebounding and free throws. And for me, the tell-tale stat of any basketball game is rebounding. The team that rebounds the ball usually wins the game. The Leathernecks outrebounded IUPUI 33-25. That rebounding advantage translates into a couple telling numbers:
* Outscoring IUPUI 28-18 in the paint
* Outscoring IUPUI 10-3 in second chance points

If that weren’t enough:
* Western was 15-19 from the line, to IUPUI’s 3-5.
* Western’s bench outscored ours, 22-9.
* They also scored 15 points off turnovers.

Better rebounding doesn’t erase all of the carnage, but it does give you a better chance.

Just a disappointing game.

On top of that, I had a bit of a stressful moment immediately following the opening tip. I got through all the opening announcements with relative aplomb. But when I tried to announce the first basket, my mic went dead. I tried again; still dead. In a bit of a panic, I went to SID Ed Holdaway. “My sound just crashed,” I told him. Ed was in no position to do anything, being tied to the stat crew for the game.

I went back and started checking wires for loose connections. It was that moment when I spotted the error: the all-famous ID-10-T error.

The problem? I turned off my own mic. In my defense, though, it was the fault of the set-up. I’m used to having my mic on Channel 1. The set-up crew had my mic on Channel 2. When I turned down what I thought was the wireless mic, I was actually killing my own sound.

The worse part? It took me nearly two minutes to properly diagnose the problem.

It is sometimes amazing I am able to even dress myself in the mornings.


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