college hoops mid-week roundup: mustard > ketchup.

Mustard–76; Ketchup–74 (OT). I can't take credit for those nicknames. That goes to a friend of a friend.

Mustard–76; Ketchup–74 (OT). I can’t take credit for those nicknames. That goes to a friend of a friend.

Last night’s Michigan win over Ohio State was about as intense as any tournament game I’ve ever watched. Of course, the vibrant colors worn by the teams made my eyes hurt a little, but the game itself was fantastic. And it illustrates just how competitive the B1G is this season.

Then again, look at the past week: Indiana beat Michigan on Sunday. Michigan beat Ohio State last night.

B1G Games This Week
Indiana travels to Columbus this weekend, while Michigan State takes on Minnesota tonight. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Michigan move back into the spot on the AP/USA Today rankings next week, but it depends on how Indiana performs on the road this week. They’ve got to play at Illinois tomorrow night before heading to Columbus.

About Those First-Place Votes for Florida
Let me hear again how Florida is one of the most awesomest teams in the nation, Digger Phelps. They got rolled last night by Arkansas and will be lucky to stay in the Top 10. Can’t wait to hear some SEC homer tell us how tough Arkansas is this year. Sorry, Gator fans. This isn’t the “40 minutes of hell” Razorbacks anymore. Maybe the crazy, pig-nosed Arkansas lady will sing a new song this week? One can only hope.

What to Expect From the AP Top 10 This Week:
1. Indiana: Needs to be road warriors and win at Illinois and Ohio State to stay on top.
2. Florida: Lost to an unranked Arkansas. They’ll take a pretty hard fall. Hear that, Digger?
3. Michigan: Depending on the Hoosiers, they could move back to #1. As long as they don’t look past Whiskey (Wisconsin) on Saturday.
4. Duke: Shouldn’t have any trouble this week vs. NC State or BC.
5. Kansas: Only real test this week is Oklahoma on the road.
6. Gonzaga: The ‘Dines and Loyola Marymount will be easy work for the Zags.
7. Arizona: Stanford and Cal at ‘Zona will be competitive, but no match.
8. Miami: They’ve got UNC at home. Looks tough on paper, but the Heels are down this year.
9. Syracuse: Shouldn’t have trouble with St. John’s.
10. Ohio State: If they beat Indiana, they’ll stay in the Top 10.

Others to watch.
If Michigan State (12/8) wins over 18th-ranked Minnesota tonight and Purdue on Saturday, they’ll be Top 10 in both polls.
Louisville (11/12) needs to win on the road against 25th-ranked Notre Dame to have any hope of cracking the Top 10.
If New Mexico (15/16) can win out this week—including a road game at UNLV—they might make a leap and tickle the Top 10. It’s a long shot, given the teams ranked ahead of them.

My Bold Predictions
* The #1 ranking stays with the B1G; four Big Ten teams are solidly in the Top 10.
* Miami moves up.
* Florida falls like a stone.

We’ll check back on Sunday to see smart I am. If I’m wrong, I might have to put Scotch tape on my nose, take a couple belts of Southern Comfort and sing you a song.


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