…and one more thing.

Number of viewers of a news network does not correlate to the best journalism. I’m talking about the false logic behind people who insist Fox News is the best news organization around because they have more viewers than CNN or msnbc.

Wrong. That is association without causation. The number of people who watch a news broadcast speaks to a quantitative analysis of which outfit is most popular (in the true sense) does not speak to qualitative analysis.

McDonald’s may serve up more hamburgers than any other restaurant chain in the world, but does that mean they serve the best hamburger in the world?

One does not have anything to do with the other.

Fox News has been busted numerous times for being a lousy news outfit. This has nothing to do with its conservative slant. It has everything to do with their track record of getting it wrong in the face of actual, verifiable data.

That analysis is undeniable.


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