…seeing the usa, in my chevrolet.

I’ve had it for more than a year now. I’ve logged more than 24,000 miles. I’ve taken it across the Mackinac Bridge. I’ve driven it in its birthplace—Detroit. I can’t wait for the opportunity to take it across country.

My First Chevy: the 1990 Cavalier.

My 1990 Cavalier...the first car I ever bought. Major, the family dog at the time, decided to pose for the camera.

Major, the family dog at the time, decided to pose for the camera.

#2: The 1994 Cavalier…drove it for almost 10 years and nearly 200,000 miles.

Heading to Florida for the 1996 Citrus Bowl in my '94 Cavalier...aka "the Red Sled."

Heading to Florida for the 1996 Citrus Bowl in my ’94 Cavalier…aka “the Red Sled. (What am I wearing?!?!)”

#3: Bought a pre-owned 2001 Chevy Blazer. Drove it for almost eight years & 140,000 miles of my own.

Drove this one to Las Vegas. And back.

Drove my 2001 Blazer to Las Vegas in 2009. And back to Indiana in 2010. Here we are, gassing up on Route 66.

Where have my Chevys taken me?
To 18 states as well as Canada. I’ve driven on top of Hoover Dam, across the Mackinac Bridge and on the Las Vegas Strip. I wheeled past the Willis Tower in Chicago, through the Wisconsin Dells and under the Gateway in St. Louis in a Chevy. I drove to the Fox Theatre in Detroit, to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, over the Mississippi River and I got my kicks on Route 66 in a Chevy.

And that’s only 18 states.

I’ve got 30 more to go.

I’m still seeing the USA in my Chevrolet.

This is my fourth Chevy since 1990.

Still seeing the USA in my Chevrolet.

Still seeing the USA in my Chevrolet.

ADDED AT 6:13 p.m. EST
You may wonder why I only owned my first Chevy for four years. It was not planned that way. During the summer of 1994, the year I graduated college, I was in a car accident. I was hit nearly head-on (about a 45° angle into my front right corner) one afternoon, while driving to work. I was hit by a much larger, much older Buick. It was an eight-cylinder, four-door beast that gunned out of a parking lot—turning left—as I was driving toward an intersection in a turn lane at about 35 MPH. The last thing I remember upon impact was watching my hood buckle. “That can’t be a good sign,” I said to myself. My car was totaled in the wreck.

But here’s the important detail: I walked away with nothing more than a couple bruises and a sore knuckle.

Yes, I was wearing a seatbelt. This was before airbags were standard. But I didn’t get hurt at all. My car was totaled, but that’s because it did its job that day.

Did it save my life? I don’t know. I’m sure, were I not wearing my seatbelt, I would’ve been hurt much worse. I’m just thankful my first Chevy did what it was supposed to do so. That’s why there was no question in my mind as to what car I would be next: another red Cavalier. 🙂


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