marching to march: sparty down, zags up!

North Carolina v Michigan StateI’m late to the party, but I’m going to publish my Top Ten predictions anyway. I haven’t looked at the new rankings, but there’s no way Indiana isn’t No. 1. The rankings don’t necessarily mean much right now. What really matters is which four teams will get the top seeds.

The Four Tops
If the tournament started today, the four No. 1 seeds right now are:
* Indiana—Midwest Region
* Duke—East Region
* Florida—South Region
* Gonzaga—West Region

The only one I don’t like is Gonzaga. Nothing against you, Zags, but you don’t play anyone. A second B1G team (Michigan) or another ACC team (Miami) could move up. Could.

We’re No. 2!
Sparty had a very bad week. Losing to Indiana was no real surprise, but losing to Ohio State was a bit of a shock. The Buckeyes have been terrible vs. ranked opponents all year long. And who can remember the last time Michigan State lost back-to-back games? State’s best hope now is a No. 2 seed.

Like A Hurricane
Miami finally met their comeuppance last week. They’re still in contention for a No. 1 seed, but it’s going to require winning in front of the Cameron Crazies. Good luck, kids.

Even though the current Top 25 rankings are out (I haven’t looked at them yet). Here’s my Top Ten. I’m only confident I got the top two or three correct. Everything else…well, we’ll see.

1. Indiana (24-3/12-2) This week is the calm before the storm.
2. Gonzaga (27-2/14-0) All they do is keep winning. BYU could be a real challenge this week.
3. Duke (24-3/11-3) A big match-up with Miami could decide who gets top billing in the ACC.
4. Michigan (23-4/10-4) Michigan needs to beat State or they won’t even get a #2 seed.
5. Miami (FL) (22-4/13-1) If they can beat Duke at Cameron, they are legit.
6. Florida( 22-4/12-2) Poised to move up this week.
7. Kansas (23-4/11-3) They’re baaaack! KU’s on a better path at the right time.
8. Georgetown (21-4/11-3) UConn might be trouble.
9. Louisville (22-5/10-4) Tough road week ahead, culminating at Syracuse.
10. Michigan State (22-6/11-4) Worst. Week. Ever. A win in Ann Arbor would erase that painful memory.


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