“the oscars sucked…” but were they ever really good?

The 85th Academy Awards just wrapped up. Thankfully, with the advent of Twitter, people no longer have to wait until the next morning to reflexively complain about the show. Within the first five minutes, host Seth MacFarlane was getting booed on Twitter. By show’s end, “the show sucked” was a common review. But here’s my question: was the Oscars broadcast ever a great show?

Seriously, when was the last time anyone really and truly knocked it out of the park? The last time I saw a truly memorable broadcast, it involved Billy Crystal in the early 90s. But was it a classic? No, not really.

Tonight’s Oscars broadcast had funny moments, but it was mostly a weird, disjointed show. MacFarlane as host was at his best ad libbing than in prepared bits and songs. Although I enjoyed the Capt. Kirk sketch, although it was too long. But I stop short of “the show sucks” calls because it never really was great in the first place. There have always been great moments (Adrian Brody planting a kiss on Halle Berry, anyone?). But for every great moment in one awards show, there are at least 10 forgettable moments. It’s just the nature of the beast.

I don’t imagine MacFarlane will be invited back next year to host, and that’s fine for everyone. He was passable this year (for me), but the show needs to find the next Billy Crystal. No, not Billy Crystal himself, but a new one. What I mean is: the Oscars need a host who is a stand-up comic who’s made a successful leap to movies in the past few years.

Nah, scratch that. Just get Tina and Amy next year.

No. Seriously. Get Tina and Amy next year.


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