march madness forecast: cloudy, with a chance of shocking upsets.

We’ve still got five games involving Top 25 teams to play on Sunday. But the March Madness™ brackets are starting to take shape.

The Four Tops
Gonzaga and Duke both won convincingly last night. Unless Duke suffers a major collapse in the ACC championship tournament they have probably done enough to earn a top seed. The Zags won their opening round game against Loyola Marymount. That should be enough for them. The remaining two top seeds are up for grabs. Kansas could’ve cemented it yesterday, but Baylor had other plans. Now at least five teams are vying for the last two No. 1 seeds: Georgetown, Indiana, Kansas, Louisville and Michigan.

The current No. 1 forecast is:
* East Region No. 1—Duke
* Midwest Region No. 1—Indiana/Michigan
* South Region—Georgetown, Kansas, Louisville
* West Region—Gonzaga

Although, if I’m Georgetown, I think I’d rather be a No. 2 in the East than a No. 1 in any other region.

Only Game That Counts
Indiana at Michigan. Whomever wins will likely be rewarded with more than just a share of the (or outright) B1G regular season championship. The winner will probably get the No. 1 seed in the Midwest Region. The loser still has a chance at a No. 1 seed, depending on their postseason conference tournament performance.

We’re No. 2!
Thanks to 1-1 weeks from most Top Ten teams, Michigan State is looking like a solid No. 2 seed right now. Oklahoma State and (potentially) Ohio State could make their cases for No. 2 seeds as well. Okie State knocked off Kansas State, so they’re all but a lock if you ask me. The Buckeyes made a strong statement by knocking off the Hoosiers at home. A win over Illinois puts them in the conversation.

Stay Tuned
The picture will be in focus by Monday morning.

Just received clarification that Georgetown cannot play in the East Region at all, due to being the host school of the regional finals. That means their best hope for a No. 1 seed is the South Region. Right now, I’d slot them ahead of both Kansas and Louisville for the NO. 1 seed. I still think Indiana or Michigan will earn the No. 1 seed in the Midwest. Let’s say they face one another again for the B1G tournament championship. Is that enough to reward both schools No. 1 seeds? Hmm…

That means the


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