bracketology prediction: hoosiers no. 1 in the midwest. period.

Indiana's junior guard Victor Oladipo.

Junior guard Victor Oladipo scored 21 points in IU’s 75-70 win over Michigan State on Jan. 27. The Hoosiers travel to East Lansing Tuesday night in a battle between the B1G’s two first-place teams.

All the guessing, politicking and pontificating ends in two hours. We’ll know who’s playing where and who’s No. 1. All four No. 1s. I’m not saying I’m absolutely correct. I may be completely wrong, but if I were in that room with the selection committee, this would be my opening salvo.

No. 1 Seeds
Louisville — East
Indiana — Midwest
Duke — South
Gonzaga — West

Yeah, a lot of people are calling for the Cardinals to get the Midwest top seed, but why? They beat two teams that previous beat them. Indiana has three quality road wins against ranked teams (Ohio State, Michigan State and Michigan). Hoosiers in the Midwest, Louisville gets the East.

I rejected the urge to place Kansas No. 1 in the South. I suppose it could still happen, what with the Jayhawks winning the Big 12 conference tournament while Duke choked in the ACC. Nevertheless, Duke’s done enough to keep a top seed.

And Gonzaga is my justification for it all. While all the experts are shifting and shuffling Indiana, Duke and Louisville around—praising/punishing them for postseason performance, why are the Zags too sacrosanct? Because they’re 30-2? Because they’re ranked No. 1 by the AP and USA Today?

Everyone agrees Gonzaga is the weakest No. 1 seed in the field, yet no one will dare move them. Sorry, “experts.” Not all wins and losses were created equal. If we’re going to keep the Zags No. 1 in the West, we keep Indiana No. 1 in the Midwest. End of story.

No. 2 Seeds
Ohio State — East
Georgetown — Midwest
Kansas — South
Miami — West

I may know nothing about the regions, but I think I’m right in the seedings. Ohio State show itself to be the best second-place team in the toughest basketball conference in the nation. They earned their No. 2 seeding.

Georgetown and Miami, at one time, might’ve been No. 1 seeds. They’ve had too many bad losses along the way.

For Kansas, a No. 2 in the South is sort of a 1a seeding. The Jayhawks are the best No. 2 seed.

No. 3 Seeds
Michigan State — East
New Mexico — Midwest
Syracuse — South
Kansas State — West

Any one of these teams can cause real trouble in the tournament…for themselves as much as their opponents. Sparty might be the strongest of the four, but New Mexico and Kansas State will be strong challengers in their brackets. Syracuse? Depends on which team shows up.

No. 4 Seeds
Michigan — East
St. Louis — Midwest
Memphis — South
Florida — West

St. Louis is going to be a real dark horse in this tournament. They play in a very competitive conference, but got smoked by Kansas early in the year. How they’re playing now—15-1 down the stretch—is important.

I’m not sold on Florida being a bona fide No. 4 seed, but given the performance of teams around them, this Gators backed into this seed. I’ve never been convinced of Florida’s prowess this season anyway.


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