friday morning bloggin’.

It would appear I’ve been neglecting my readers—all one of them—and haven’t been blogging of late. I need to make up for lost time. Problem is, there’s been very little exciting news to report. After March Madness came and went, it’s been quiet at the K-Mac Complex. The only real news of consequence is my mother got a new puppy last weekend and I helped watch her for a few days. She’s positively adorable.

Say hello to Clover. She's nine weeks old in this photo.

Say hello to Clover. She’s nine weeks old in this photo.

Writing Fool.
I’ve been working on a couple freelance projects as well as some personal projects. The personal ones are stories I’d like to flesh out into scripts. I’ve run into my own limitations with this sort of writing, so I’m taking the advice of two acquaintances I met at Hell’s Half Mile Film & Music Festival last October in my hometown of Bay City, Michigan. The acquaintances—Alex Barreto and Chris Levitus—both are actors/directors/writers/producers (and yes, I’m likely stretching the definition of acquaintances to include “people with whom I spoke a couple times at a tavern,” but I hope they don’t mind). I asked them about scriptwriting for film and television and they encouraged me to read the book Save the Cat! by Blake Snyder. I’ve ordered it from Amazon in the hopes of learning how to take my handful of jumbled story ideas and turn them into something cohesive. Does this mean I have aspirations of becoming the next big thing in Hollywood? Well, everyone can dream, no? Realistically, I just want to stretch my writing abilities.

While We’re Talking About Alex…
You’ve seen her recently in the new K-Mart “ship my pants” ad campaign. She shows up at the 0:21 mark, talking about her drawers. This ad still makes me laugh.

That’s All, Folks.
I wish I had more to share. Perhaps tomorrow. Until then, Happy Friday!


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