delusions of grandeur.

Well, shucks. I didn’t win the Powerball jackpot tonight. It was looking good early. I had the first two numbers on my ticket. After that, it was all downhill. Bye-bye, $600 million. So long, private jet and swanky mansion overlooking the Pacific Ocean. No luxury box for the Colts and Pacers. No Bugatti in the driveway.

I guess I can cancel plans on that state-of-the-art sports complex I was going to fund for my alma mater, Indiana University South Bend Titans. Same goes for my adopted program, the IUPUI Jaguars. I had big dreams of walking past a larger than life bronze statue of myself that students rub for luck en route to the K-Mac Arena for basketball games.

Oh well.

I guess I can keep playing Powerball, but who cares about winning a crummy $20 million? Blech!


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