and so it goes.

After watching the Detroit Red Wings lose three straight elimination games to the Chicago Blackhawks, do you really wonder why I never really cheer until the series is over? I’ve watched too many teams lose games when it was supposedly in the bag. You never celebrate until the clock reads all zeros and your team has more points than their opponent.

I’m not surprised Chicago beat Detroit. I am surprised at the route this series took to reach completion. I figured Chicago would win in six. They’re a more talented, more complete team. Detroit was riding a hot goalie. They weren’t anywhere near the dominant presence they were in years past.

Sure, it’s disappointing when my favorite teams lose. But oh well. It would’ve been nice to slam the door on the Western Conference with a win over Chicago, but it wasn’t meant to be. It’ll be interesting to see how Detroit adjusts to the Eastern Conference. As a purist fan, it’s sad to see this chapter of a great Original Six rivalry end. I’m sure the Red Wings players won’t miss those playoff excursions back and forth to California, though.

Curious to see what changes lie in store for the Red Wings next season. I’ve got a feeling we may see one or two veterans depart. I barely paid attention this year, I admit (was busy with college basketball), so any further speculation would be silly?

Who’s going to win the Stanley Cup this year?

Who cares.


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