who wants to be a swanky nightclub promoter?

trystI just read Tryst Nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas is hiring club promoters. I would never, in a million years apply for that job. Why? Put it this way: if I were a Las Vegas nightclub owner or manager, I wouldn’t hire me to promote it because I’m not in the target demographic.

The nightclub business in Vegas is highly lucrative and highly competitive. Each major property on the Strip boasts at least one nightclub. And they’re trying to pack it every night with young, attractive people who will spend money, tell their friends on social media and spend more money.

That being said, I could manage the promoters. But would I consider that to be a fun, interesting job? Oh my God, YES!

The promoters I’d hire would be a young, diverse mix of attractive males and females. I’d put them in club-going attire (but not too garish or outlandish) and send them to specific locations along The Strip to promote the club to the masses.

Who’s the target audience? Certainly not guys like me. Certainly not folks old enough to be grandparents. Of course, they’re welcome, but they’re not the target. Not by a longshot. We’re looking for young, upscale professionals who have disposable money to spend. Even though you can’t promote inside the rival casinos, I’m sure, I’d have my promoters at least scouting the gaming floor (higher limit casinos, higher limit games). Beyond that, they’d be working the streets, watching for groups of would-be club-goers and steer them to our place via special passes and offers.

The club promoters are more than welcome and encourage to work their social media networks to drive folks to the club, but I’d have a dedicated social media manager to coordinate the effort.

I’d also be on the lookout for counterfeiters. They hurt the clubs, so I’d have the promoters keeping and eye out for them as well.

I would not call this work easy. But it would be fascinating to gather data to learn where your clientele are staying, where in the world they’re from and what drove them to your club. I like to crunch numbers and data, so analyzing and working against the information gathered would be fun for me.

That, in a thumbnail, is how I’d manage club promotions…well, just one aspect of it. Booking celebrity guests, DJs and VIPs would require a budget and planning with club managers that would feed into the advertising and marketing plan.

At the end of the day, marketing a club is no different than marketing anything. Know your product. Know your target audience. Know what triggers to pull to make your target audience respond positively.

And yes, I would probably have fun doing it.


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