a lesson in how not to issue a public statement.

Last week, I wrote a blog entry about Taylor Chapman and her vulgar, racist rant directed at a Dunkin Donuts employee. Thanks to the Internet, it was discovered she did some work for a Florida-based company called Power Sales Team.

From the company’s own website:

I created PowerSalesTeam as a solution for small to medium sized businesses to help develop and implement effective and affordable solutions for our clients to better market them selves on and off-line.

Got that? There are plenty more words on the “About Us” page, but I’ll spare you that carnage. It’s beyond poorly written. The rest of the website is…well, it’s not pretty. Oh sure, it’s fancy and informative…if this is 1995, but for a company trying to look and sound like a professional marketing firm, their own website says otherwise.

If it sounds like I’m picking on Power Sales Team—excuse me, PowerSalesTeam—I assure you I had no intent, initially. I found their website a week ago and realized it was a pretty amateurish attempt at pretending to be an agency, but so what? There are plenty of those in the world. No need to pick on them.

And then they did this: a really nasty video statement regarding Taylor Chapman (go see for yourself, I’m not posting the video here).

Issuing a statement announcing they do not condone her racist, vile rant and would no longer work with her is acceptable and necessary. That is PR101. But they had to take it one step further in the form of an awful, clumsy, classless video statement with only one purpose: to sarcastically pile on Taylor Chapman.

It is vindictive. It is juvenile. It is unprofessional. It is unacceptable.

Their actual product is reason enough to never hire them. I’m not a web designer and I think I could put out better websites. The hatchet job they did to Taylor Chapman merely cinches it. You’re not dealing with professionals.

If your options for online marketing firms are Power Sales Team and a chimp with a computer, go with the chimp. At least you know what to expect from the chimp and it won’t lie to you.


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  1. I am in complete agreement. I watched PowerSalesTeam’s video and wondered how anyone could think it was a good idea to post something so vulgar and mean-spirited. Then I remembered the woman they fired. It’s almost a shame they let her go, because in a lot of ways, it appears that Taylor Chapman and this company are ideally suited for each other. They both lack good sense and class, as demonstrated by the fact that they both seem to think that sharing ugly, hate-filled videos is supposed to earn them a big ol’ pat on the back from the internet. While distancing themselves from this toxic employee was a good move, they handled it in about the worst, most immature and unprofessional manner possible. Rather than improve their image, all they’ve done is prove that they’re not discernibly better than Miss Chapman.

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