will johnny football roll the tide? college football week three preview

Even though I pay little attention to college football rankings until teams have played a couple conference games, I am a diehard college football fan. Even though I defer to Breslanta as the authority on college football, I’ll take a stab at predicting the Top 25.

Who’s No. 1? Duhhhh…
It’s Alabama, then all the rest. And really, that won’t change until they lose. Twice. I’m not kidding. This weekend’s matchup against Texas A&M in College Station will be the first real test for the Crimson Tide since the middle of last season (no, Notre Dame wasn’t a challenge).

My Top 25…Feel free to argue in the comments section.
1. Alabama (1-0)—at No. 7 Texas A&M (2-0)
2. Oregon (2-0)—vs. No. 25 Tennessee (2-0)
3. Ohio State (2-0)—at Cal (1-1)
4. Clemson (2-0)—bye
5. Stanford (1-0)—at Army (1-1)
6. Texas A&M (2-0)—vs. No. 1 Alabama (1-0)
7. Louisville (2-0)—at Kentucky (1-1)
8. LSU (1-0)—vs. Kent State (1-1)
9. Florida State (1-0)—vs. Nevada (1-1)
10. Georgia (1-1)—bye
11. South Carolina (1-1)—vs. Vanderbilt (1-1)
12. Oklahoma State (2-0)—vs. Lamar (1-1)
13. Michigan (2-0)—vs. Akron (1-1)
14. Oklahoma (2-0)—vs. Tulsa (1-1)
15. Northwestern (2-0)—vs. Western Michigan (0-2)
16. Wisconsin (2-0)—at Arizona (1-0)
17. Nebraska (2-0)—vs. No. 20 UCLA (1-0)
18. Miami (2-0)—bye
19. Washington (1-0)—at No. 25 Illinois (2-0)
20. UCLA (1-0)—at No. 19 Nebraska (2-0)
21. Notre Dame (1-1)—at Purdue (1-1)
22. Florida (1-1)—bye
23. TCU (1-1)—at Texas Tech (2-0)
24. Texas (1-1)—vs. Ole Miss (2-0)
25. Tennessee (2-0)—at No. 2 Oregon (2-0)
25. Ole Miss (2-0)—at No. 24 Texas (1-1)
25. Illinois (2-0)—vs. No. 19 Washington (1-0)

USC (1-1)

The Decider
Because I can’t decide (and it doesn’t really matter) I’ve got three teams slotted in a three-way tie for No. 25: Tennessee, Ole Miss and Illinois. What can I say? As the Decider, I decided I could not decide. Deal with it. The Top 25 picture will come clearer, as all three have make-or-break games to see if they’re legit.

The Big Three
Three games this Saturday are must-see TV for college football fans:
1. Alabama (1-0)—at No. 7 Texas A&M (2-0)
This will be a heavyweight fight for the ages. Yeah, Nick Saban’s getting two weeks of preparation, but I’d be more worried about rust. ‘Bama QB AJ McCarron only has one game under his belt this season while A&M’s Manziel looked solid in his tune-up games. That being said, I think Alabama prevails.
Prediction: Alabama

2. Oregon (2-0)—vs. No. 25 Tennessee (2-0)
I hope Tennessee gives Oregon a run for their money, but it might be too tall an order for the Vols. They gave up 20 points to Western Kentucky, whose offense is NOTHING close to Oregon’s offense.
Prediction: Oregon

17. Nebraska (2-0)—vs. No. 20 UCLA (1-0)
Kind of a down-ticket race, compared to the other two games, but Bruins at Huskers should be an interesting game, more than a classic. For Nebraska, this could determine if they’re for real or not, given how much they struggled against Wyoming. For UCLA, it’s a chance to claim dominance over the Southland.
Prediction: UCLA

Heisman Watch
Eesh, I have no idea. Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel looks like he wants to win it again…and just might. Although Florida State’s phenom QB Jameis Winston looks poised to make some noise all season long. I would’ve included Michigan’s junior QB Devin Gardner in the conversation, but Heisman QBs don’t throw INTs in their own end zone to avoid a safety.


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  1. Manziel is out of the Heisman race. NCAA violations disqualify a player from eligibility, and even if that didn’t, integrity is a required trait of the winner. Thus far, I have seen admissions from 12 Heisman voters that they would not consider voting for him again. I share the feelings they have that motivate that decision. I just posted on it on my blog. Please feel free to drop in. Roll Tide!

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