…meanwhile, back in the lab.

For the past couple weeks I’ve been deep in my lab, experimenting with new ways to present my professional experience. You can see one of the early prototypes of these experiments in my previous blog post.

I’d like to present my career, work history, experience, expertise and talents in a unique, more visual manner. The problem I keep running into? Pie charts, graphs and even Venn diagrams are too linear. I can’t speak for anyone else’s line of work, but everything in communications is fluid. I don’t know if I can quantify my copywriting experience against my media relations experience or my internal communications experience. Every time I try to quantify my career, it doesn’t seem to add up. I always feel as though I’ve done more—and less—than what ends up in a chart, to say nothing of the fact that all these functions of a communications professional run concurrently.

Perhaps I should think of it this way:
* 15 years of copywriting
* 8 years of internal communications
* 6 years of media relations
* 5 years of member/customer communications
* 3 years of advertising and creative copywriting/graphic production
* 3 years of social media

Industry breakdown:
* Higher education: 5.5 years
* Gaming industry: 3.5 years
* Marketing/Communications agency: 3 years
* Fortune 50 companies: 3 years

Software knowledge:
* Adobe Illustrator: Novice
* Adobe InDesign: Expert
* Adobe PhotoShop: Experienced

* Microsoft Excel: Expert
* Microsoft Outlook: Expert
* Microsoft PowerPoint: Expert
* Microsoft SharePoint: Experienced
* Microsoft Word: Expert

Social Media
* Hootsuite: Experienced
* Radian6: Expert
* TweetDeck: Experienced
* WordPress: Experienced

Now that I look at this list, I’m getting some ideas. Must go back to the laboratory at once.


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