college football recap/look ahead: putting the ‘bs’ in bcs.

One of the greatest Rivalry Saturdays in college football ever. You can say that about yesterday and it’s not hyperbole. Duke—Duke!!!—won a squeaker over North Carolina to secure a 10-win season and a berth in the ACC Championship game. Michigan’s all-in choice to go for two instead of force overtime created one of the most dramatic moments in one of the greatest rivalries in all of sports. And Auburn’s shocking, electrifying win over No. 1 Alabama in the Iron Bowl nearly broke the Internet last night.

It was, without a doubt, one of the greatest Rivalry Saturdays in college football ever.

Of course, now that the season is over for most of the teams, the tongue-wagging and politicking begins. Who’s No. 1 and No. 2 in the BCS? To me, it’s pretty obvious right now.

The Top Ten…I’m almost in complete agreement with the AP on this one
1. Florida State (12 – 0)
2. Ohio State (12 – 0)
3. Auburn (11 – 1)
4. Alabama (11 – 1)
5. Missouri (11 –1)
6. Oklahoma State (10 – 1)
7. Michigan State (11 – 1)
8. Stanford (10 – 2)
9. South Carolina (10 – 2)
10. Baylor (10 – 1)

Michigan State is underrated in the polls and deserves a higher position than the AP poll gives them (No. 10).

Championship Week
SEC Championship Game: Missouri vs. Auburn. 4 p.m., Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA. Depending on how the rest of the championship games shake out, the winner of this game stands to gain the most. Mizzou’s tough, but Auburn has shown they’re tougher.
MY PICK: Auburn

ACC Championship: Duke vs. Florida State. 8 p.m., Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, N.C. Duke’s been tugging at my heartstrings all season because they’re the perennial football underdog. But, sorry, Cinderella, your time is up. The Seminoles are going to roll through the Blue Devils like they owe them money.
MY PICK: Florida State

B1G Championship: Ohio State vs. Michigan State. 8:17 p.m., Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, IN. I’m looking forward to this game. A great offense vs. a great defense. Sparty is the most overlooked one-loss team in the nation, thanks to their embarrassing loss to Notre Dame. But they’re going to make a statement in Indianapolis Saturday night and send the BCS rankings into a tizzy.
MY PICK: Michigan State

BCS Championship Game…For Now
Florida State vs. Ohio State. That’s written in pencil. Florida State is the best team in the nation and Ohio State, by virtue of being the last major unbeaten team, is deserving of the No. 2 ranking over Alabama, Auburn and any other one-loss team. I might be old school, but being undefeated in a major conference carries more clout than being a one-loss SEC team.

Of course, that all could change after next week. How many undefeated teams, poised to play for a national championship, have watched their hopes and dreams go up in flames in a conference championship game?

Honestly, though, I think it’s Florida State and everyone else. I don’t see anyone beating Florida State. You heard me.

My BCS Prediction For Next Week
Given my thoughts on who wins and loses next week, here’s how I see the BCS shaking out next week:

1. Florida State
2. Auburn
3. Oklahoma State
4. Ohio State
5. Michigan State

I have no clue how the voters will react if Sparty beats Ohio State, but I think they should make a big leap if they win. Just my humble two pennies.


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